Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Corrupt Ariz. Sec. of State Gives Far-Left Groups Special Access to Voter Registration

'This is concerning to me that they are allowed to enter voters into our voter system...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Arizona’s corrupt secretary of state secretly allowed far-left organizations to directly mass-register thousands of voters using a COVID-era program while keeping conservative groups in the dark about it.

Despite the pandemic’s end, the state will continue to allow eligible participants to use it for online voter registration, the Tennessee Star reported.

The Online Voter Registration Unique URL Program is open to groups that plan to register more than 1,000 voters, and the vast majority of them skew strongly to the left, based on data that has since been scrubbed from its official website.

Among those programs were Chicanos por La Causa, Mi Familia Vota, Equality Arizona, Inspire 2 Vote, One Arizona, Rock the Vote, and The Civics Center.

Three other left-leaning “nonpartisan” organizations that participated were the Arizona Student’s Association, the Phoenix Indian Center, and the Arizona Center for Disability Law.

The state and its propagandist media allies sought to rationalize the partisanship on the basis that the Republican Party listed among the groups, along with the Democratic Party.

However, the vast majority of organizations–whether “nonpartisan” or not—focused on left-wing advocacy. Conservative organizations said they were never made aware of it.

“While listed as one of the groups, the Republican Party was somehow not notified of this and was unaware of their ability to do this until their attention was called to it,” said Florence Smith, a precinct committee member for legislative district 8 in northwest Phoenix, who flagged the possible fraud on a Republican message board.

“Ten of these groups listed (previously) on the website appear to me to be leftist groups,” Smith wrote. “This is concerning to me that they are allowed to enter voters into our voter system.”

She noted a similar program in Michigan had found the employees of a leftist organization registering “non-existent people.”

The program was implemented initially in 2020 by then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and has continued under Hobbs’s successor, Adrian Fontes, with the former having taken over as governor.

Both Democrats were elected last year under highly contentious circumstances amid widespread calls that Maricopa County and others may have been subjected to electoral manipulation, likely stemming from the secretary of state herself.

Though the IRS prohibits programs like the OVR from targeting potential voters based on their likely political persuasions, a Restoration of America report suggested that “nonprofits ran biased registration campaigns using data on where certain demographics live and how they vote.”

According to the report, the Left has routinely taken advantage of “weaponized charity,” that is, using nonprofit and nonpartisan status to manipulate the system and hide partisan biases.

Some voter registration groups even explicitly target their preferred demographics. For instance, the Voter Participation Center website states that the organization is “dedicated to increasing the share of unmarried women, people of color, Millennials, Gen Z, and other historically under-represented groups in the electorate”—all demographics with a leftist bent.

Hobbs, Fontes and new Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes—all of whom are Democrats recently elected to their offices—have all demonstrated a disturbing pattern of partisanship in their core job functions.

Fontes recently came under fire from the Republican National Committee and faced threat of a possible lawsuit for failing to notify the Republican organization of a potential third-party seeking to enter into the 2024 race, although it had given Democrats ample opportunity to wage legal challenges against the emerging No Labels party.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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