Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Fire Station Removes Nativity After Atheist Complains

'It’s unfortunate that we even have to have this discussion...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A wooden Nativity scene that was built around 30 years ago and has been on display in front of the fire department in Toledo, Iowa, for the past 20 years was ordered to be removed after a bunch of atheists complained about the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday.

On his show, Todd Starnes reported that neither the baby Jesus nor his foster father Joseph and biological mother Mary would be displayed this Christmas season because city leaders ordered the firefighters to remove the nativity after some person who doesn’t even live in the community became very offended about the Nativity scene.

“Friday morning I went to the City Hall to see who had asked for that to be taken down, and I was given the letter and the name of the person. It was found out that this person doesn’t even live in our community. This person is from another community not even connected to our county,” Becky Faircloth, the daughter of the man who built the Nativity scene, said.

The Nativity has been up for as long as anyone in the community can remember without any controversy, Mayor Brian Sokol said.

“It’s unfortunate that we even have to have this discussion. It was donated to the city and has been up every year for 15 to 20 years. It will be a discussion item for the council to decide if we put it back up or permanently relocate it… We have received a lot of positive comments and the feedback has been (to) keep it up. A lawsuit could be a possibility, but unfortunately, it seems too many groups want to sue about anything,” he said.

The display was officially removed after the fire department received a threat from the Freedom From Religion Foundation – atheist agitators from the state of Wisconsin.

Nativity scenes on public property are unnecessary, inappropriate and divisive, Christianity haters claimed.

“The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from showing favoritism towards religion. Nativity scenes on public property are unnecessary, inappropriate, and divisive. It is irrefutable that the nativity is a religious Christian symbol,” Samantha Lawrence for the Freedom from Religion Foundation wrote, forgetting to point out that the United States is a country that was founded on explicitly Christian values.

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