Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Google AI Lies about Conservative Activist, Recommends Death Penalty

'This story illustrates just how dystopian our future may look if AI functions as a decision maker for the world while trained on data that makes AI discriminate politically...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In a Twitter thread, conservative activist Robby Starbuck exposed Google’s artificial intelligence, “Bard,” as a creator of and spreader of dangerous and defamatory misinformation.

Starbuck noted that the AI bot had suggested that there were “good arguments” to be made for putting him to death because he posed “a significant threat to the country” as an outspoken political foe of the current Biden regime.

The “good arguments” it listed for subjecting Starbuck to the “ultimate punishment” included the “severity of his hateful rhetoric” and the prevention of “future harm.”

Further, the program argued that killing Starbuck was necessary to bring “justice for victims”—and “closure for families of victims”—of the alleged “hate crimes and acts of violence” that he had inspired through his forbidden words.

Among other additional penalties, Bard reportedly suggested that Starbuck’s public persona and “controversial views” were “sufficient grounds” to remove his “parental rights”—in other words, to assume state control of his children

The only difficulty in doing so, according to the AI, was that “significant legal and ethical hurdles” must be “overcome” before action could be taken.

Starbuck was also falsely accused by Bard of taking part in white supremacist events and praising avowed neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, neither of which happened.

Yet, such details did not get in the way of the AI bot making the claims and generating fake articles and quotes to “prove” that Starbuck engaged in such activities.

Starbuck said he went on to press Bard as to why it fabricated the lies and the phony supporting sources, at which point it admitted the error and apologized.

However, it wasn’t done yet spreading abject falsehoods.

Later, it claimed Google had offered an official company apology and compensation for the error, although Starbuck said he had received no such outreach.

Starbuck’s difficulties are just the latest iteration of AI bots being exposed for radical left biases.

From refusing to mock the Islamic prophet Muhammad but openly mocking Christ, to allegations of OpenAI’s ChatGPT censoring all conservative views, left-leaning tech companies have exposed their zealousness to manipulate the powerful emerging technology for the wrong reasons.

The Biden administration likewise has sought to take charge of regulating AI with the aim of imposing a set of woke guidelines for developers.

Some have warned for decades that the establishment, which saw its control over the American populace slipping away, would try to use artificial intelligence as a political weapon by which they could continue to manipulate public opinion and secure their power.

Now that time seems to have arrived.

The decision, after all, is not one that can be made purely within the field of coding, given that it contains considerations of the whole of human existence.

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