Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ga. Election Workers Try to Gag Giuliani from Saying He Told the Truth

'I told the truth. They were engaged in changing votes...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Two women accused of rigging Georgia’s 2020 election are trying to prevent former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani from speaking the truth during a defamation trial where the judge has predetermined his guilt, 11 Alive reported.

A federal trial began on Monday in Washington D.C. to determine how much Giuliani owes election workers for spreading allegedly false claims over video of them surreptitiously scanning fake ballots after the counting had shut down for the night at Fulton County’s State Farm Arena.

Specifically, two Georgia election workers, mother and daughter Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, filed a defamation suit against Guiliani, who at the time was leading the legal efforts on behalf of then-President Donald Trump to challenge the disputed election outcome.

Evidence has shown that there were thousands of fake ballots counted in the Fulton County election, with many of them having been illegally destroyed afterward.

Nonetheless, U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell already deemed Giuliani to be guilty before the trial even began.

Now, the courts will determine how much Giuliani must pay in damages, with the duo asking for $15.5 million to $43 million—and a gag order that would prevent any further scrutiny of their actions.

Freeman and Moss filed a motion Monday night to stop Giuliani from saying that he told the truth about their actions in the aftermath of 2020, suggesting that he violated the court’s orders by insisting “I told the truth. They were engaged in changing votes” in a recent ABC News appearance.

One of the foremost arguments against a defamation decision would be if the statement were true or if the person saying it did so in good faith believing it to be true.

“Needless to say,” Freeman’s lawyer wrote in the gag order request, “were Defendant Giuliani to testify in a manner remotely resembling those comments, he would be in plain violation of the Court’s prior orders in this case conclusively affirming, and reaffirming, that all elements of liability have been established, including that Defendant Giuliani’s defamatory statements were false.”

Despite the mess in the courts, the FBI of all places has released evidence that might exonerate Giuliani of defamation, since the case hinges on the claim that Giuliani exposed Freeman’s name to the public in the wake of the Georgia election debacle, the Gateway Pundit reported.

According to the FBI’s report, Freeman was questioned after someone—possibly by her direction—created a social media account under her name the night of the election and made posts giving away her identity as an election worker.

“She stated the situation was bad due to the alleged posts, and that she had received over 500 emails, text messages, and was being harassed by having unsolicited pizza orders sent to her house,” the report said.

“People were also calling her neighbors and questioning them about her,” it added. “Freeman was asked to review some social media posts, but she declined to answer further questions until she retained an attorney.”

Still, the FBI redacted the name of the potential co-conspirator, who was reportedly left unpunished.

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